Database Tools for SQL Server

Free offer 2020

The full version of SoftOve Multi Database Scripter is currently available for free evaluation.

Download and start the latest version of the application. A free registration key will automatically be downloaded and used with your application. No registration process necessary. The registration key is valid until the end of 2020.

If you have used Smuds before but still want to take advantage of this offer, you first need to clear your expired evaluation key and restart the application.


Buy a license

Are you tired of choosing between tons of different software packages and editions? All with one single purpose, to make you buy more than your initial need. When finally decided it will not last long until a new version is released and the one you bought gets outdated.

No worries, you will not face this here. Only three options are available. Buy a license valid for either 1 year or 1 month or just use the free lite version. And no, by buying the 1 month license you will not lose any discount compared to buying a 1 year license.

Free upgrades are included but no user support is guaranteed to be offered. Please note and honestly respect that the license is only valid for one user. The full license agreement is available within the application.

Smuds - 1 month, $10
Smuds - 1 year, $120

SoftOve is still considered to be on a hobby basis and is not yet a registered business. This means you are buying this software from me as a private individual. Thus no VAT is required.

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