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No more anti-virus false positives

With the release of Smuds v4.05 a decision was taken to drop the usage of the obfuscator ConfuserEx. With this decision I hope Smuds will avoid being flagged as a malware, trojan or virus.

Apparently ConfuserEx has become quite popular to use by malware developers. At the same time anti-virus scanners have got issues finding out if an application obfuscated with ConfuserEx does something bad or not. So they started to flag all applications using ConfuserEx as malwares.

This is also the main reason for why the size of the binary has increased from about 500KB to 1.1MB. It appears as a binary with compressed libraries embedded as resources within the EXE-file is also flagged as malware by some anti-virus scanners.

The excellent tool has been a huge help in this work. It allows you to upload a file and have it automatically scanned by most of the anti-virus scanners available today.

Needless to say, my trust in anti-virus applications have dropped significantly the last few months.

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