Database Tools for SQL Server

Smuds v3.01 now available

Execute queries on multiple databases in parallel for higher performance Results from all databases presented in one view The popular database tool for SQL Server, Smuds - SoftOve Multi Database Scripter, is now released and available free for download.

Smuds allow you to execute one or many scripts, queries and statements on several databases in on go. The application is optimal for quickly getting information from a system where data is divided into multiple databases.

Smuds can also be used for other administrative tasks such as taking backups, restoring backups or updating the database schema for each database on a server.

The intuitive interface reminds about dialog windows in SQL Server Management Studio making it a trivial task to get started using the application, especially for anyone familiar with this tool.

The application is available as a standalone EXE file and not more than about 200 kB. With its tiny size and without the need for an installation you can keep it close by on a USB stick or just download it whenever you need it. Read more about the application in products.

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